Everteen Daily Panty Liners Review

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Last few days we talking about female hygiene and today’s review is Everteen panty liners.

Price: Rs 199/- for 36 pieces


Product claims:

Everteen 100% natural cotton top daily panty liners, unscented, and natural cotton surface for an instant dry and soft feel.Antibacterial. A negative ion chip helps prevent bacterial multiplication and eliminates odor. Ultra-thin and extra absorbent for everyday freshness, breathable layers help keep moisture away. They can absorb accidental leaks and light discharge. Using Everteen panty liner helps you feel shower fresh, confident, and clean the entire day. Perfect use in between periods and maintaining daily hygiene also.

Everteen Daily  Panty Liners Review

Direction for use:

Simply stick the sticky side to your underwear. This is very thin and slim and very comfortable.

My take:

It comes with pink color cardboard packaging. These panty liners are extremely thin and slim. They are less absorbent than sanitary pads. They are made for women only with light discharge and urinary incontinence. These are soft and gentle on the skin.

Everteen Daily  Panty Liners Review

Pros of Everteen Daily  Panty Liners:

➨Easy to carry.
➨Easily available.
➨Liners are thin and slim.
➨Don’t cause rashes.
➨Keeps the intimate area dry and clean.
➨100% natural.

Cons of Everteen Daily  Panty Liners:

➨Not available offline.

Final verdict:

Everteen panty liners are perfect for women who suffer from frequent discharge or urinary incontinence. These liners are thin and slim and budget-friendly which is worth the money.

TBB recommendation:

Highly recommended

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