Everteen Toilet seat Sanitizer Review

Everteen Toilet seat Sanitizer Review
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Generally, when we go outside or travel we don’t like to use public washroom due to hygienic purposes. But Everteen made toilet seat sanitizer which you can use this anywhere, any place without any hesitation.

Women’s hygiene is very important and the invention of Everteen I totally appreciate.

Product Description:

Everteen toilet seat sanitizer is safe, effective and instant disinfect spray that protects you from germs and infection when using a public toilet seat. The dermatologically tested formulation of everteen toilet seat sanitizer evaporates almost immediately so you are ready to use the toilet in just a few more seconds. You don’t even need to wipe it before using that sanitized toilet.

Everteen Toilet seat Sanitizer Review


Everteen Toilet seat Sanitizer comes in a white bottle in spray form with a transparent cap. It is lightw eight and easy to carry and convenient to use.

Everteen Toilet seat Sanitizer Review


The toilet seat sanitizer has a floral fragrance and I liked it.


Benzalkomium, Chloride Ip 0.20% w/w, Ethanol(95% v/v)IP 47.60% w/w, solvents, Excipients and Propellant q.s.100% w/w.

Price: Rs 185/- for 90 ml

Availability: Amazon and  Everteen website

Direction to use:

Shake Everteen toilet seat sanitizer spray can. Hold it upright and spray affected area at an elbow-length distance. Wait for 5 seconds to allow sanitizer a evaporate before using the toilet.No need to wipe it.


I have been using this and it is really good. You can use these hospitals, malls, hotels, airports any place you want. This is a must-have product for women and complete feminine hygiene.

Everteen Toilet seat Sanitizer Review

Pros of Everteen Toilet seat Sanitizer:

➨Instant disinfectant spray.
➨Prevents UTI and other infections.
➨Kills germ in 5 seconds.
➨Dermatologically tested.
➨Travel friendly and convenient to use.
➨Nice fragrance.

Cons of Everteen Toilet seat Sanitizer:


Final verdict:

I totally recommended this product if you are concern about health and hygiene. Because hygiene is more important for a healthy life.A great invention of Everteen.

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