Good Soap Glow Elixir Review

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Hello everyone, Hope you all are doing good. If you have dry skin and always faced dry patches on the skin then facial oils are best to nourish the skin and reduce dry patches. Today I am reviewing one of facial oil which is Good Soap Glow Elixir.

Good Soap Glow Elixir Review

About the product:

Naturally balancing, calming and hydrating face serum for problem, oily, blemished skin,


Good Soap Glow Elixir comes with light green cardboard packaging and inside there a glass bottle with drops available. I liked their packaging. Most facial oils come to this kind of packaging.

Good Soap Glow Elixir Review
Good Soap Glow Elixir Review
Good Soap Glow Elixir Review

Color, Consistency, Fragrance:

Good Soap Glow Elixir has transparent oil with liquid consistency and the fragrance has ayurvedic kind of fragrance.

Good Soap Glow Elixir Review
Good Soap Glow Elixir Review

Price: Rs 1299/- for 10ml


Base oils, Blends of organic eo of lavender, tea tree, geranium, eucalyptus, blue chamomile, vitamin e.

Pros of Good Soap Glow Elixir:

➡Absorbs very well.
➡Use as a makeup primer also.
➡Natural product.

Cons of Good Soap Glow Elixir:

➡Very expensive.

My Experience with Good Soap Glow Elixir:

I have combination skin but in winters my skin is very dry so I need to apply facial oil or serum. Good soap glow elixir is natural and free from paraben and chemicals. I apply this serum twice a day. After applying this oil absorbs into the skin. A little bit of massage required at that time. My skin feels supple and glowy and hydrated. I didn’t see any side effect of this facial oil. I like this consistency and packaging.

Rating: 4.5/5

Final verdict:

This facial oil works nicely and hydrates the skin and best facial oil for winter. But it is very expensive. If you want to try out natural and chemical-free facial oil and invest money then go for it. It suits all skin types. If you do not want to invest the money as you think it is very expensive then skip it.

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