Himalaya Refreshing and Clarifying Toner Review

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Himalaya is a trustworthy and popular brand. I tried different products from this brand, so I thought I should try this toner as it has alcohol-free toner and the price is very affordable. So I bought this toner from a local shop and gave it a try. So let’s get into the review of Himalaya refreshing and clarifying toner.

Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing(CTM) is the basic skincare routine that everyone must follow to keep their skin healthy. But I always skip toner. If I use toner then I use only rose water.

Toner is an essential part of our skincare routine I lately know. And using toner has so many benefits like it balances the PH level of our skin, removes excess dirt and impurities, and minimizes pores.

About Himalaya Refreshing Clarifying Toner:

Product Description:

Refreshing and clarifying toners control oil secretion and cleanse and nourish the skin at the same time. Enriched with all-natural ingredients like citrus, lemon, and mint. It cleanses, soothes, and prepares your skin for moisturizing.

Himalaya refreshing and clarifying toner Review


  • Citrus Lemon is an effective cleanser that removes dead skin cells and impurities, leaving your skin supple, smooth, and fresh.
  • Lentil deep cleanses pores and gives your skin back its lost nutrients like protein.
  • Boerhavia Root controls excess oil secretion to leave your skin clean, soft, and radiant.
Himalaya refreshing and clarifying toner Review

Claims of Himalaya Refreshing Clarifying Toner:

  • It refreshes and clarifies. keeps the skin oil-free.
  • controls excess oil secretion.
  • It removes oil from the skin’s surface.
  • An alcohol-free formulation.
  • It deeply cleanses pores without over-drying.
  • suitable for all skin types.
  • It tightens pores.
  • It leaves the skin clear, soft, and radiant.

How to use Himalaya refreshing clarifying toner:

Add a few drops of toner to a cotton pad and wipe thoroughly over your face and neck.

Price: Rs 80 for 100ml (BUY NOW)

Shelf life: 3 years

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My Experience with Himalaya refreshing and clarifying toner :

Packaging: The Himalaya refreshing and clarifying toner comes in a plastic bottle with a flip cap. It does not travel friendly according to me because when the bottle is kept horizontally, the toner tends to spill out.

Texture: The texture is runny and feels like water. But when you shake the bottle, you can see foaming bubbles. The texture is light and gets easily absorbed by the skin.

Color & Fragrance: The toner is transparent and looks exactly like water. The fragrance of toner has a floral kind of fragrance.

This one is a lightweight toner. It controls the oil. I am using this toner for the last 3 months and after using this I have realized that toner does not dry out skin, it has moisturizing properties.

After wiping the skin with this toner, I always find some impurities or dust on the cotton pad. That gives me the feeling that it is cleaning my skin thoroughly, but the oil control action does not stay for long.

Pros of Himalaya Refreshing Clarifying Toner:

  1. Thoroughly clean the skin.
  2. It removes impurities and dirt.
  3. Does not dry out the skin.
  4. Affordable.
  5. Alcohol-free toner.
  6. It feels gentle on the skin and did not cause any burning or stinging sensation on the skin.
  7. Easily available.
  8. It is dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and not tested on animals.

Cons of Himalaya Refreshing and Clarifying Toner:

  1. The packaging is not travel-friendly.
  2. Do not control oil for a long time.
  3. No drastic change in the overall appearance of the skin.

TBB Rating: 4/5

Will I repurchase it?

No, I want to explore the toners of different brands.

Final Verdict:

If you are searching for an affordable alcohol-free toner and your skin is normal to dry, then you might like this toner.

Have you ever tried this Himalaya refreshing clarifying toner? If so, then let me know your experience in the comment section below.

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