My First travel experience of Gangtok tour

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Gangtok and Darjiling are called Switzerland of India. Every Indian travel wishlist is incomplete without Gangtok and Darjiling. If you are a nature lover like me then you must love these places like beautiful natures, snowfall, mountain and river. Gangtok is the capital of Sikkim. I must say such a developed area.

My travel journey:
I was travelling with my husband after 6 months of my marriage in this January and it was unplanned. We did not plan this trip at all. It happened only before 4 days of journey and suddenly we booked ticket and booking hotel online also. We travelled by train. Our train was at night and we reached sikkim station in the morning at 8 pm. And one thing we travelled from Kolkata to Gangtok.
As this was my first travel journey with my husband so I was very excited.Then we booked a cab from the station to Gangtok and it almost took 4 hours to reach Gangtok. We loved side seen of Gangtok.

My First travel experience of Gangtok tour
Side view

We reached Gangtok at almost 1 pm then we reach our hotel and have a launch and rest. In that day of the evening, we explore the Gangtok mount born area. This is a huge market place you can shopping, eating etc. And the places are very clean and their roads are very clean and I liked the most they maintained that place.

Then next day morning we book a cab for vising each lake. This was a beautiful place where snows are falling. And when we travelled the side seen was amazing. As it’s hill area the roads are not straight but snows are falling the side of the road. It was an amazing experience. As we travelled in this month January so it was very snowfall that’s their securities don’t allow to visit above. It is so sad but we loved the place and enjoyed it very much. And one this in this place we stopped for our breakfast and having Maggie. Omg the Maggie was very yummy and delicious I could not forget the taste in my life.

On third and last day:
On third day we again booked cab in morning and exploring local places in Gangtok.We travelled museum, Ganesh Mandir etc.
And we also wear their traditional custom which was amazing.This journey was beautiful memory in my life And after two months this pandemic was happened.We are so lucky that before pandemic our unplanned journey was happened.

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