Neud Hair Remover Spray Review

Neud Hair Remover Spray Review
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Removing body hair like so painful When you are going to parlor for waxing, it might very painful. But Neud hair remover spray is a lifesaver for all of those who afraid of waxing and can’t tolerate fearful pain of waxing.

Product description:

➨Neud hair remover spray helps remove unwanted hair. Easily, ➨quickly and gently.
➨A unisex product is suitable for men and women.
➨Be party-ready in just 5 minutes, anywhere, anytime.

Price: Rs 290/- for 100



Glycerine, Calcium Hydroxide, Thioglycolic Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, Perfume, purified water.

Neud Hair Remover Spray Review

How to use:

Always patch test recommendations before any new product you are using.
Shake well before use.
Spray widely.
Wait for 5 mins.
Wipe gently with the help of two coin tissues, which expand into full-sized once dipped into the water.
Rinse with water.

Neud Hair Remover Spray Review


It comes in a black bottle with a pump mechanism and outer packaging is cardboard packaging. It is a spray form when you need you to Shake well and spray it.


The consistency is a smooth and mild pungent smell that fades away after some time.


It is a perfect solution for when you are an emergency or in a hurry your go-to products. You can use it any time any wear without hesitation in and get smooth arms and legs.

Pros of Neud Hair Remover Spray :

➨It helps remove hair effortlessly.
➨It doesn’t take much time.
➨Suitable for men and women.
➨Easy to apply.
➨Travel friendly.

Cons of Neud Hair Remover Spray:

➨Not available offline

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