Neud Natural Hair Inhibitor Review

Neud Natural Hair Inhibitor Review
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Who doesn’t want hair-free smooth hands and legs to wear as her choice sleeveless outfit? Neud Natural hair inhibitor lifesaver for all.

Product description: 

Permanent hair growth reduction
No one wanted body hair
Minimize the need for hair removal
Smoother skin for a longer duration

Neud Natural Hair Inhibitor Review

Price: Rs 1499/-


Sunflower oil, Papaya & glycerin


Direction for use:

Neud has to be used after removing hair through waxing.


It comes in a pump packaging which ensures that hygiene is maintained. The packaging bis very looks very classy. The outer packaging is also very sturdy.

Color, consistency, and fragrances

The product is very lightweight and it is exactly like lotion consistency. The fragrance is mild and floral.

Neud Natural Hair Inhibitor Review

My take:

Before applying this you need waxing your hair to ensure open pores so that the lotion absorbs into the skin. As its consistency, it smoothly glides and instantly absorbs into the skin.


Results may vary from person to person. It takes time to show results if you use a regular basis. But some people have thicker hair will take more time to show results and thinner hair people will show sooner results. The lotion is suitable for both men and women. It delays further hair growth.

Pros of Neud Natural Hair Inhibitor:

➨Reduction of hair growth
➨Mild scent
➨Suitable for all skin types
➨Contains natural ingredients
➨Easy to apply
➨Hygiene packaging

Cons of Neud Natural Hair Inhibitor:

➨All ingredients are not mentioned

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