Organixmantra kashmiri walnut scrub gel Review

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Few days before I got my hand organixmantra Kashmiri walnut scrub gel because of its name scrub gel. I didn’t ever use any kind of gel basis scrub so I excited to try out this product. I am always searching for a chemical-free and paraben-free product and I got it.

Organixmantra kashmiri walnut scrub gel Review

About this product:

It contains argan oil, tea tree, and vitamin c. The scrub gel is for the face and body both purpose.


Kashmiri walnut shell powder, Coco glycoside, Glycerin, Australian Tea tree, Essential oil, Vitamin E, Aqua, Xanthum gum, Aloe vera gel.

Price: Rs 799/- for 100 ml

Shelf life: 2 years

How to use:

Wet the desired regions of the skin with warm water. Gently massage the skin in an upward circular motion using the scrub gel for 5 minutes. Using a water rinse the scrub off the face. Next, use a towel to pat dry the skin. Moisturize the skin using a gentle moisturizer.

My experience with Organixmantra Kashmiri walnut scrub gel:

Packaging :

Organixmantra Kashmiri walnut scrub gel comes with a jar secured with a black color cap. And the details of the product mentioned on the side of the packaging. There is no outer packaging. There is a lid secured with an inner part of the jar so that doesn’t wastage the product.

Organixmantra kashmiri walnut scrub gel Review

Color, consistency, and fragrance:

The color of this light brown color gel consistency and small granules are visible. Granules are very gentle on skin not harsh on the skin. Fragr

Organixmantra kashmiri walnut scrub gel Review
Organixmantra kashmiri walnut scrub gel Review

My take on this product:

Scrubbing is most important to remove our dead cells. Gel scrub which is I first ever used. And my experience is good after using this product. First, wash my face and gently scrub my skin with this gel scrub. It does not dry out the skin and does not irritate our skin. After using my skin feels soft and supple. And the fragrance id amazing. But the price is a little high.

Pros of Organixmantra Kashmiri walnut scrub gel:

➨Natural products
➨Works well
➨Nice gentle scrub

Cons of Organixmantra Kashmiri walnut scrub gel:

➨The price is expensive.


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