Patanjali Honey Review And It’s Uses

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Patanjali Honey Review

Hello everyone. This post is about a unique product and which uses are many. we used to DIY products and it has many benefits for hair and skin. Curious to know what it is, it is a honey multi-beneficial products. I already used Dabur honey but today I am reviewing about Patanjali honey.

Patanjali Honey Review


The honey comes in a simple transparent plastic jar which is not travel-friendly.

Patanjali Honey Review

Color and consistency:

The color of the honey is yellowish kind of brown and consistency is very thick.

Patanjali Honey Review
Patanjali Honey Review

Ingredients: Not mentioned

Price: Rs 70 for 250 gm

Availability: Here


➡Purely natural.➡Very affordable.➡Low calories, easy to consume.


➡Comes in a plastic jar, not healthy.

Patanjali Honey Review


➡Honey can be used as a facial mask.➡It can be used as lip balm adding with some coconut oil.➡It can be used to reduce weight, by drinking in morning honey and lemon juice mixed in lukewarm water.➡Patanjali honey when consumed with cloves, lemon juice, basil leaves, and ginger help us to get rid of cold and cough.➡Honey can be used as a hair mask adding banana and coconut oil.

My Experience:

I have used this honey many times and I say it is a best and affordable honey to compare the other brands of honey in the market. I used it sometimes facial-mask, hair mask and some health benefits.

Rating: 4/5

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