Vasmol Black Hair Oil Review

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Hello everyone,
Black hair and silky hair is a dream of all ladies. Today I am sharing a hair oil which is made for only rid of grey hair and give you black hair which name is Vasmol Black hair oil. All of you already heard about Vasmol 33. But in this post, I am reviewing about Vasmol Black hair oil which their new launch.So let’s get into this post to know more about this product.

Vasmol Black Hair Oil Review


Vasmol Black Hair Oil comes with a small plastic bottle secured with a black flip cap. The packaging is small and travel-friendly.

Vasmol Black Hair Oil Review
Vasmol Black Hair Oil Review

Color, consistency, and fragrance:

Vasmol Black Hair Oil has light black color and liquid consistency like normal other oil. The fragrance is nice and artificial smell like Vasmol 33.

Vasmol Black Hair Oil Review


Not mentioned.

Price: Rs 22 for 50 ml

Shelf life: 2 years

Availability: Here

What it claims:

Vasmol Black Hair Oil formulation contains extracts of herbs traditionally known to prevent early greying of hair. It also has ingredients known to provide natural sunscreen conditioning and shine thus protecting and keeping hair healthy, shiny and natural black.

Pros of Vasmol Black Hair Oil:

➡Very affordable.
➡Gives natural black.

Cons of Vasmol Black Hair Oil:

➡Ingredients are not mentioned.

My experience with Vasmol Black Hair Oil:

I have applied this hair oil and it works what it claims. But i have not grey hair issue but i can see the difference of my hair. My hair looks shiny and black. Ingredients are not mentioned which i did not like.

Rating: 4.5/5

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