Winter Essential Skincare Products you must have

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In winter we take care of our skin with extra needs because winter weather skin becomes dry and dehydrated. Skin needs extra care and extra nourishment. We need to change our skincare products according to season. In this article, you will find some winter essential skincare products you should stock out when winter arrives.

1) A cream-based cleanser:

The cleanser aims to clean your skin removing dirt and impurities., but many cleansers take away the natural oil from your skin which becomes skin dry.

In winter we choose cleanser according to winter season or skin type.  We should choose a cleanser that was cream-based and gives a moisturize and nourishment effect after facewash.

Some Recommendations of cream-based cleanser you should try out.

Dove beauty moisture conditioning facial cleanser.

2)A gentle face scrub:

In winter you need a gentle scrub to remove the dry and dead cells from your skin. If you are not using the scrub in your face and does not remove dead cell then your skin becomes dull.
Always avoid using chemical exfoliators in winter. They are very harsh on the skin. Using a good exfoliator it removes dead cell and improves skin texture and soothes dry and itching skin.

Winter Essential Skincare Products you must have

3)A hydrating and alcohol-free toner:

In winter you should stop using your normal toner because toner has alcohol which strips the natural oil from your skin which is not suitable for winter. As our skin dries in winter we should use a hydrating toner which does a hydrating effect on the skin.

3)A good moisturizer is a must:

Moisturising your skin is very important in winter because our skin is dry and flaky it needs extra moisturization. You should use a cream-based moisturizing cream which gives moisturizing the entire day. There are many Moisturising creams available in the market.
Some recommendation of moisturizing cream
Lakme peach milk soft cream.

4)A good hydrating serum:

The serum is must-have in winter if you have very dry skin. The serum works as great as it deeply nourishes the skin and gives enough hydration. You should use a serum before moisturization for maximum benefits.

Winter Essential Skincare Products you must have

6)A body lotion or body butter:

We often neglect our body. In winter the body also becomes dry and flaky. A good body lotion is a must. If you have very dry skin then I recommended invest in good body butter.
Because body butter has a thick creamy consistency and moisturizes last long.


Lipbalm is you can never skip during winter. Always use a lip balm to prevent dry and chapped lips. A good and moisturized lip balm can save your lips from this harsh winter.

Winter Essential Skincare Products you must have

8)A foot cream:

During winter many people face dry feet and cracked heels. You should take care of your foot using a good moisturizing foot cream and also apply your cracked heal before going to bed.

9)A hand cream:

Hand cream is also important we often skip it due to our busy schedule. But good hand cream you use whenever you want to keep moisturised  your hands.

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