7 tips for work from home women

7 tips for work from home women
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Due to this pandemic, we all are doing work from home But we make sure our work from home routine should be productive. We are not lazy as it is work from home. Also, bloggers are working work from home. If you are looking for work from home job option then check out here.

So in this article, I will share 7 tips for work from home women who are struggling with their busy schedule and their children.

1)Have a work from the home schedule:
You should do a schedule your routine all day and choose which time your product which means you concentrate on your work. Daily make a to-do list before the night what to work on the next day.
2)Designate your workspace:
Always designate separately for your workspace so that you do not need to worry about the organization of your documents etc.
3)Wake up early:
Wake up early. Yes, you heard the right wake up early is finished off your maximum household chores.
4)Get dressed:
You do not wear your t-shirt or pyjamas because you do work from home. If you are working from home then you should get dressed professionally.
Keep track of your time:
Always keep track of your time so that you don’t disturb.
Learn how to time block:
The time block is the easiest way to move towards productivity.
Eliminate digital distraction :
Always avoid your social media channels like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter etc. Reduce your screen time.

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