Best skincare and hair care tips for holi you must know

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Holi is the festival of colors and around the corner. We all love playing Holi and enjoyed this festival but playing with all those harsh colors and water for hours the sun damages our skin and hair a lot. 

So in this post, I will be sharing some pre and post-Holi skincare and hair care tips which you all protect yourself from damage by following these simple skincare and haircare tips and tricks.

We all heard this phrase

Precaution is better than cure.

Following these life-saving hacks, I am sure you will be playing safe and happy Holi.
Many of you are so lazy to following simple skin care and hair care tips I know but you should give your self 15 minutes before playing Holi. After all, we are happy when our skin, hair, and health is happy. 

Many of you wondering what should apply before playing Holi and how to take care of our skin and hair after Holi, if we do not follow these tips then how we remove Holi stain from our face and body like this kind of question wondering about your mind. 

So stay tuned all of your questions answered are hear. Read the full article and make sure do not miss any step, all tips very useful for you.

Best skincare and hair care tips for holi you must know

Pre skincare tips for Holi:

Apply moisturizer:

 We all often forget applying moisturizer before playing Holi. And many of you apply oil on your face because harsh colors do not stain your face. 

But we all don’t like to apply oil on face and that too looks so oily because we should take selfies or photo with friends and we don’t want that oily face to spoil our photos.but in that case instead of oil apply moisturizer which hydrates your skin and not looks so oily on the face.

Apply oil all over the body before playing Holi to protect your skin from harsh colors.

Because when colors mix with water, they tend to settle o our skin pore and it causes skin damage. Applying moisturizer will act as a barrier between your skin and colors and it will also make it easy to remove colors.

Oil your hair and scalp:

The harsh chemicals present in colors can leave your scalp itchy and your hair dry and frizzy. To avoid this give oil massage or champi to your hair to prevent damage from the harsh colors. 
You can use coconut oil or olive oil. The oil acts as a protective layer and also easy to wash off colors from your hair. You should avoid leaving your hair open. 
Make sure we all love our open hair because we all look good and stylish on photos. After all Holi hey. But make sure on Holi day you make a tight braid or ponytail hairstyle it looks classy also and protecting your hair from those harsh colors.

Best skincare and hair care tips for holi you must know

 Don’t forget your nails:

Apply a thick coat of nail paint to protect your nails. You may use a dark color of nail polish and apply a 2 to 3 coat. The Holi colors do not stain your nails. 

After all, girls are love to keep long nails. All those have long nails you all did not cut your nails because of one function I know.

 The best tips for you apply a thick coat of nail polish inner side of the nail and apply petroleum jelly inner side of nails and cuticles so that colors are not stained out your nails if they sticky your nails it removes easily.

Protect your lips, eyes, and ears.

Protecting your lips is a must, so apply lip balm before playing Holi. Otherwise, your lips look chapped and dehydrated. 

Often we follow all tips but we neglect our eyes and ears which is also important. Protecting the eye from colors you should use Goggles it also looks stylish on photos so don’t worry about that. 

And make sure avoid using contact lenses on that day because these harsh colors are contacted in your lenses and it causes allergic infection and so that be careful.

Put cotton ball your ears for safety purpose after all health is wealth we take care of our health as well.

Best skincare and hair care tips for holi you must know

Sunscreen is must:

We all know we played Holi outside so it is most important to protect your face and body from sunscreen is necessary otherwise it leaves a tan. 

So using sunscreen is a must before playing Holi.
Use a generous amount of sunscreen, preferably one that is waterproof or water-resistant. Make sure sunscreen using more than SPF 30 so that it works in hard noons as well.

Clothing selection:

Clothing selection is important in Holi day. Because we love wearing and experimenting with new styles of clothes like sleeveless and other fabrics like polyester, chiffon, georgette, etc. 

But on holi day we should be using cotton cloth he’s because we are outside and already heated with the sun if you are using polyester outfit and these colors and water are mixed reaction with polyester and It causes rashes and allergic reaction. 

So always make sure to use cotton clothes and cover your maximum body part since Holi is an outdoor activity.

Best skincare and hair care tips for holi you must know

Avoid using threading, waxing, and bleaching

You should avoid threading, waxing, bleaching up to 5 days before playing Holi because after waxing and bleaching skins are very sensitive if you playing Holi with this sensitive skin it may cause allergy.

Post  Holi care and tips:

After playing Holi immediately take a shower with lukewarm water. Make sure to use good shampoo and conditioner and gentle cleanser.

If you feel your hair is very dry you should apply lemon curd and coconut oil mask and keep it for 20 minutes after that your hair removes dryness and colors.

After the bath apply a good amount of moisturizer to remove your skin roughness.because harsh colors are removes moisture and skin feels dry.

Follow these simple skincare and hair care tips for holi and have play safe Holi.

How to get rid of holi stain-Holi color removing tips:

Synthetic Holi colors are made with chemicals and such colors are very difficult to get rid off.

Holi color removing tips for skin:

  1. First dust out your dry Holi color on your body then take a cold-pressed coconut oil or olive oil and massage it well on your body and wipe out with a cotton pad.
  2. Take gram flour, turmeric and curd apply all over your body and keep it 5 minutes and then wipe out.

How to remove hair from Holi stain:

Apply curd, lemon and coconut oil hair mask is the best option removing colors from your hair. Applying gentle shampoo wash out your hair and then you should use this mask.

Dos and dont’s:

  1. Make sure colors don’t get into your eyes
  2. .Play with organic colors.
  3. Do not use any objects to rub to remove Holi colors.
  4. If you face any type of allergy then immediately consult a dermatologist.

I hope you found all the tips are very useful and helpful.

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