Life Changing Beauty Hacks for Girls

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Hello girls, We love doing makeup and makeup enhances features of our existing beauty. Do you know you can use some makeup hacks to look beautiful and which also saves your money to some extent? In this article, I will share 7 beauty hacks that work pretty well in real.

Life Changing Beauty Hacks for Girls

1)Quick fix for dried and flaky mascara:
If your mascara is dried and flaky then you add few drops of contact lens solution and close it and shake well. Then gently swirl the wand a few times. And your mascara is ready to use.

2)Hack to make a perfume last longer:
To make your perfume last all day long, apply Vaseline first to the usual areas where you spray your perfume and then the smell will last way longer.

3)Tooth brush used as lip exfoliator:
If your lips dry and chapped and you don’t have lip scrub then don’t worry , you can use tooth brush as a lip exfoliator and it works very well.It removes dead cell from lips and then apply lip balm.

4)Use your facial cleanser as make up brush cleanser:
Yes you heard right you can use your face wash to wash your beauty blenders and makeup brushes.It was great hacks for saving some money to buying brush cleanser.

5)Baby powder uses as dry shampoo:
If your hair is greasy and don’t want to wash your hair and need to going somewhere urgently then one life-saving tip is using baby powder as a dry shampoo. Take the baby powder and spread the roots of the hair and comb it. It reduces greasiness.

6)Lipstick as colour corrector:
If you don’t have colour correcting then you can use red lipstick as a colour corrector to hide dark circles.

7)Use tap for your eyeliner:
Another way to get a professional-looking cat-eye or other eyeliner effect is to use tape. Simply place the edge of the tape in line with your bottom lash line.

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