Livon hair serum Review

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Hello everyone,
All girls are love silky and shiny hair but managing a hair difficult task especially curly and frizzy hair girls. Serums are an instant solution for them but all girls are can’t afford expensive serum. So today I am sharing a very affordable hair serum which works well for curly and frizzy hair also. That is Livon hair serum.

Livon hair serum Review


Livon hair serum comes with a cute plastic bottle secured with a pink color flip cap. The external packaging is a cartoon box where all details are mentioned on it. It is small and travel-friendly packaging.

Livon hair serum Review
Livon hair serum Review

Color, consistency, and fragrance.

The color of this serum has transparent and liquid consistency and fragrance is a mild fragrance.

Livon hair serum Review


Livon hair serum Review

Price: Rs 60/- for 20ml

Shelf life: 3 year

Availability: Here


Damage protection, reduced hair breakage, ease tangles, and controls frizz.

Direction to use:

Livon hair serum Review

Pros of Livon hair serum:

➡Lightweight formula
➡Mild fragrance.
➡Cute and sturdy packaging.
➡Travel-friendly packaging.
➡Detangles hair easily.
➡Reduced hair breakage.

Cons of Livon hair serum:


My Experience with Livon hair serum:

I apply this hair serum after washing my hair when my hair is semi-damp and it detangles hair easily and controls frizziness somehow. But After a few hours, my hair is the same like before so I apply again two or three drops of this serum when my hair is fully dry and apply this serum my hair looks manageable. It is cute and travel size bottle I used this serum when I am outside and my hair looks dry and unmanageable.

Rating: 4.6/5

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