Over night Beauty tips to wake up pretty

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Who does not love to wake up pretty.Overnight skincare regime is important to get beautiful skin.We girls are lazy doing skincare regime at night but giving 15 minutes in your skincare routine at night to look pretty in the morning.Though there are different facial oils, night creams, cleansers, toners and beauty treatments available in the market, yet, following some simple health and beauty tips at home before a good night’s sleep can be rewarding and cost saving.

1)Cleanse your face:

Our skin encounters dust, dirt and impurities. cleanse your face at night to remove dirt and impurities on your skin. The clean skin includes pores and gives healthy and glowing skin in the morning. But remember facial cleanser use always according to your skin type.

2)moisturise your lips:

At night don’t forget your moisturise your lips.Exfoliate your lips twice a week to remove the dead cell from your lips and get soft and supple lips.

3)Take beauty sleep:

Beauty sleep is taken 8 hours of sleep to get healthy skin in the morning. Dont use the dirty pillow and change regularly to avoid pimple on the face.

Over night Beauty tips to wake up pretty

4)Keep your skin and body hydrated:

Always drink a glass of water before going to bed at night. Keeping your body hydrated while sleeping is a secret therapy to healthy metabolism and glowing skin. 

5)Don’t forget your foot:

Always use a foot cream before going to bed to avoid cracked heels and soft feet.

Over night Beauty tips to wake up pretty

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