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In winter we always face the most common problem which is dry and chapped lips and it looks so embarrassing as well. Humidity, dehydration, and lack of drinking water is the main reason for dry and chapped lips. The skin on our lips is thinner than other parts of our body.so it loses moisture faster, making it prone to becoming dry and dull. So in winter we properly care for our lips and keep moisturized. Today I am sharing one of my favorite lip balm which is Vaseline Lipcare rosy lips.

Vaseline Lip care rosy lips review


Vaseline Lip care rosy lips come with a normal cardboard packaging and inside the cardboard the pink color tube packaging lip balm which looks cute and travel-friendly also. I liked the packaging.

Vaseline Lip care rosy lips review

Vaseline Lip care rosy lips review

Vaseline Lip care rosy lips review

Color, Consistency, and fragrance:

The color of this lip balm is pink color and consistency is thick and the fragrance is normal vaseline fragrance.

Vaseline Lip care rosy lips review


Not mentioned

Price: Rs 45 for 10 gm

Availability: Here

What product claims?:

➡With the goodness of Vaseline jelly, a sheer pink tint, and lightly scented fragrance, Vaseline rosy lips protect your lips and help restore healthy soft, pink lips.

➡Locks in moisture and helps repair dry, dull cracked lips.
➡For instantly soft pink lips. Gives sheer pink tint and natural, glossy shine.
➡Help lips recover from dryness and discomfort.

Vaseline Lip care rosy lips review

Pros of Vaseline Lip care rosy lips:

➡Contains Uva and UVB sunscreens
➡Keep lips moisturized
➡Gives pink tint on lips
➡Repair dry and dull lips
➡Very affordable.

Cons of Vaseline Lip care rosy lips:

➡Ingredients are not mentioned.

My experience with Vaseline Lip care rosy lips:

I already using the normal vaseline on my lips that one also good but it is a new range of vaseline lip are and already used this and loving this lip balm. It gives instant hydration and keeps moisturized lips which I like the most. Daily use of this lip balm it repairs dry and dull lips. It gives little pink tint on lips which you can use daily in the daytime. I used this lip balm day and night time and totally loving this lip balm and is totally affordable compared to other lip balms. I highly recommended this lip balm to try out and share your experience in the comment section below.

Rating: 4.9/5

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