5 Important Lessons that 2020 has taught us

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When 2019 ends we eagerly waiting for 2020 and welcome this year as happiness. In 2020 January I and my husband traveling Gangtok and we enjoy the beautiful nature of Gangtok, their mountain, and snowfall such as amazing location.2020 starts a happy note and we are planning also traveling to other locations but in march, all things are changing. We heard a new name Covid-19 and then lockdown starts. During this lockdown we face a lot of problems working from home, doing self-isolated, not traveling anywhere, etc. But this situation impacts our lifestyles also and changes as a human being. We learned a lot as life lessons in 2020. Which important life lessons we taught in 2020 I mentioned below in detail.

5 Important Lessons that 2020 has taught us

1)Life is precious, Be  grateful for what we have:

We all know the value of life but we did not realize it when the situation does not change our lifestyle. In Covid -19 there are many people who lost their near and dear ones and relatives, friends. And That situation was to create fear among all of us. That situation shows the value of life and the importance of life, the importance of family and friends.

Many of us lose our jobs and many people did not eat food but we are grateful for what we have. In lockdown taught us we also live life without luxury items. We also live a simple life.

2)One source of income is not enough:
Starting a side hustle

In this situation, the economic position of our country decreased and during the lockdown, many govt Pvt companies are closes to prevent this disease. This change does the biggest impact on our countries economic condition. That’s why many lost their jobs and it impacts Their family also. This situation taught us never dependent upon one source of income. There are more side hustles available you can start.

5 Important Lessons that 2020 has taught us

3)Always save money:

We all want to live a luxurious life. But we also differentiate between what we need and what we want. Need and want two different parts. We also invest our money in what we need or essential to living life but want is something it is not essential but it is a luxurious life.

Be smart to invest money and nothing waste because this lockdown situation taught us saving money is important for your bad time and we also live life without luxurious things.

5 Important Lessons that 2020 has taught us

4)We know importance of health and hygiene:

Health is wealth we all know. But this covid-19 taught us the importance of health and hygiene. Washing hands frequently, using hand sanitizer, maintaining social distance and wearing masks,s, etc. We totally change our lifestyle and also maintaining that lifestyle for a better life. We adopt some new things in our life in some positive way for the betterment of life.
Boosting immunity, taking care of our health is also important.

5 Important Lessons that 2020 has taught us

5)Nothing is permanent, keep patience:

We also change our lifestyle taking care of our mental health also important. We know life is uncertain and we adopt this new lifestyle. We value our family and friends and spending quality time with them is the most precious thing which we often neglect due to our busy schedule.
In this tough time, there are many doctors, health workers, social workers, police, etc help us to pass this time easily.
So keep patient whatever situation is we faced it and passed it.

In 2020 is mixed of sad and happy moments and life is also mixed of sad and happy moments.Hopefully 2021 gives us happy and prosperous life so that we could enjoy our lfe without fear and tension.

In 2020 taught us many lessons but these 5 things strike in my mind if you learn lessons through covid 19/then feel free to share your experience in the comment section below.

This blog post is part of SpeakEasy Blogging Challenge by Dipika and Ruchi.

5 Important Lessons that 2020 has taught us

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14 thoughts on “5 Important Lessons that 2020 has taught us”

  1. Very positive take on the prompt, Sonali. This year has especially made us realise to focus towards our health, especially mental health. I was someone who paid very little attention to these, but I’m actually thankful for this year to teach me that nothing is more important than our health and peace of mind.

  2. Sonali, we have learnt a lot from 2020 and yes we all abide the lessons in the future too. Saving money is the key and to sharpen our skills is so important. This pandemic has given everyone a chance to reshuffle their to-do list in a manner that will last a year more longer.

  3. Yes this year has taught us a lot and we all have become more patient in dealing with any adverse situations. Hope things get normalized soon in new year and we can get back to our normal lives.

  4. Such important pointers which actually should be followed always but this pandemic brought them more into notice. Hoping that the new year will bring in more of calm and things will get better.

  5. These are such important life lessons for all you learn and believe in. Nothing is permanent and this shall too pass. Thank you for participating in #SpeakEasy blogging challenge.

  6. Such great and practical points. We should be thankful for life, food, money and family that stays together and gives you the strength to fight back any situation.
    We learnt to save money for rainy days and live with minimum things available.

  7. I have to agree this year was full of learnings and most important being valuing your own and loved ones life. We should be thankful for everything and every second that god has given us.

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