Top 5 Best hand creams for dry hands available in india 2022

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Who does not love smooth hands?In winter hands are frequently dry and rough.If you are washing your hands frequently then your hands are dry.Handcreams are essential products in winter or dry hand people to keep moistrised your hands.It is handy and travel friendly to use when ever you want.Here we listed top 5 hand creams which are actually works and affordable to keep your hand moistrised.Do give it try and let us know which hand cream your favourite?

We frequently overlook the need to moisturise and take care of our hands while remembering to do both for our bodies. Our hands are the body parts that are exposed to the most environmental elements and age the most. Our hands’ skin loses its natural oils from frequent washing. Our hands’ skin is unique compared to the rest of our bodies, therefore it requires a little more care and consideration. Regular moisturisers or lotions cannot benefit our hands in the same manner that hand creams may.

A type of moisturiser called hand creams is made specifically to hydrate and safeguard the skin of our hands. Our hands feel soft and supple after using high-quality hand lotions, which also heal skin damage. The various ways that hand creams help our hands should

1.vaseline hand cream:

This hand cream has white in color and runny formula , easily spreads on the hands and absorbs quickly.The formula is very lightweight and nongreasy and it hydrates and moistrised the hands some extent.Packaging is travel friendly and convenient to use.

2.Dove Nourishing secrets restoring ritual hand cream

This hand cream is enriched with coconut oil and almond milk.It deeply moistrises the skin and soften your hands.

Dove Coconut Hand Cream offers an intensely hydrating composition that efficiently nourishes the skin. This hand cream, which is rich in natural ingredients, replenishes the nutrients in your skin and makes it softer.


Coconut oil is present, which hydrates the skin.
contains almond milk, which improves elasticity and slows the ageing process.
dermatological examination
suitable for all types of skin

3.Loccitance Herbae hand creams

This hand cream is perfect for dry skin people.It has 20% pure Shea butter in it.It comes in a mess free tube and convenient to use.Also it is travel friendly packaging.It has creamy texture which absorbs in to the skin quickly and keep soft hand.

4.Stbotanica Vitamin C Brightening hand and nail cream

This hand cream keeps your hand moistrised.However, This cream infused with vitamin c and natural oils which helps in anti-aging.This cream keeps your hand smooth,soft and hydrate.The cream also contain extra virgin olive oil,cocca and Shea butter.

Your hands are kept moisturised and safeguarded from outside aggressors by the St. Botanica Vitamin C Brightening Hand And Nail Cream. Vitamin C and natural oils in the cream provide anti-aging properties. The chemicals are designed to quickly permeate the skin and properly moisturise it. The vitamin C in the lotion keeps your nails strong and glossy, as well as your hands soft, smooth, and gorgeous. The cream also includes cocoa and shea butter, which soothe dry, rough hands, as well as extra virgin olive oil.


Vitamin C aids in skin tone whitening.
enhances the texture and lustre of skin
strengthens weak nails and softens cuticles
Cons: Suitable for daily use


5.Lotus organics+Eternal Comfort Hand cream

This hand cream enriched with butter based formula with goodness of Shea butter.It intensely moistrises the hands.This product is 100% organics.The creamy texture glides easily in to the skin and absorbs easily.

Plum BodyLoving’ Coffee Wake-A-Ccino Hand Cream is a non-greasy, light moisturiser that helps nourish your skin from the inside out. It absorbs quickly and helps rejuvenate your skin and cuticles.


contains shea butter, brazil nut oil, and sunflower oil, all of which aid in providing deep moisturization.
Contains coffee arabica seed oil, which supports cuticle and skin health by calming and strengthening them.
Free of silicon, sulphates, and parabens
100% Vegan
suitable for all types of skin

Top 5 Best hand creams for dry hands available in india 2022

Aroma Magic Nourishing Hand Cream gently hydrates and nourishes the skin because it contains natural ingredients and essential oils. At a reasonable price, this hand cream efficiently treats rough, damaged skin.


Contains natural beeswax, aloe vera gel, and shea butter, which help to soothe and hydrate the skin.
Contains wheat and clarysage extracts, which nourish the cuticles and nails.
Contains thyme, geranium, and rosehip essential oils that promote skin healing.
Free of petrochemicals, phthalates, and parabens
specially formulated for delicate skin

Kama Ayurveda Hand Cream: This product from Kama Ayurveda is excellent as well! The hand lotion is prepared with organic cold-pressed coconut oil, 100% organic cold-pressed sweet almond oil, and vitamins A and E. Aloe Vera juice, which functions as an antibacterial and protects the skin, is also included. The hand cream is gorgeously packaged in a tube from an Indian company and has a nice, creamy texture.

To consistency it into the skin, a few minutes of gentle massaging are required. It doesn’t leave any greasy residue behind after being absorbed. Shea Butter, Kokum Butter, and Cocoa Butter are present, which results in significant moisturization and makes it a particularly good choice for dry skin.

Neutrogena hand creme

The reputable skin care company Neutrogena is the source of this highly effective hand cream. Even the driest and most cracked hands can be healed by it. Glycerin, which is present in this cream, helps moisture adhere to your skin. It endures even after numerous hand washings. Efficiency is the main focus of this fuss-free hand cream rather than attractive scents or packaging. Even in the icy, brutal winters, it works well on dry skin.


extremely hydrating
packaging that is portable
Fragrance-free No artificial colours
immediately absorbed
Nothing greasy

includes parabens


Reduce Skin Aging
Our hands’ skin is more sensitive to chemicals, UV damage, and other stresses. These elements, along with genetics and daily stress, are just a handful that contribute to skin ageing. Loose skin, newly developed wrinkles, deep lines, and dryness are all examples of ageing symptoms. Hand creams are effective in managing these problems.

hydrated hands
Our skin can become dry because we wash and clean our hands so regularly. The skin is deprived of its hydration and natural oils. In addition to washing your hands, overusing hand sanitizers might irritate your skin. This harm can be reduced with hand cream.

reduces inflammation
Our skin might become irritated and itchy due to certain actions or circumstances, which can exacerbate inflammatory disorders. Future skin issues and overly sensitive skin may result from this. Such situations can be helped by moisturising hand cream, which keeps our hands moisturised and smooth.

stronger nails
Hand creams have advantages for your nails as well as your hands. They are strongly advised during monsoon seasons as they could aid in preventing fungus infections. In these situations, hand lotions assist keep infections at bay by nourishing and cleaning our cuticles and nails.


Our hands deal with a lot throughout the course of the day, therefore they need particular care. It’s wise to use a hand lotion that has been recommended by a dermatologist rather than just choosing any old brand. This will help with a range of typical skin issues like irritation, redness, and itching in addition to providing benefits for various skin types.
Over time, the skin on our hands starts to age and we start to see wrinkles. Experts claim that our hands lose moisture more quickly than our faces because the skin on our hands has fewer sebaceous glands than the skin on our faces.
Throughout the day, hand creams should be applied as needed. Consequently, it is advised against

Put a coin-sized amount of cream on the back of one hand, then rub the palms and back of the other hand against it.
The skin on the top of the hand dries out rapidly and contains fewer sebaceous glands.


Should we use a hand cream every time after washing our hands?

Yes! It’s crucial to reapply because some occlusive thick moisturisers are removed by hand washing.

How frequently should I use hand cream?

Use hand lotion at least twice daily, once right after a shower and once again right before bed. Additionally recommended is using it right after washing your hands.

What is best for extremely dry hands?

One of the best ways to treat dry hands is to cover them in lotion or a petroleum-based moisturiser like Vaseline at night. After that, put on some soft gloves or socks to protect your hands. You’ll have baby-smooth hands when you wake up since trapping the moisturiser will help in its deeper penetration into your skin.

When should I start using a hand cream?

It’s important to begin caring for your hands early on. Start whenever you feel that your hands aren’t receiving the proper attention.

Which cream can I use to soften my palm?

Even the most chapped palms can be made softer using Vaseline’s power to retain moisture. Vaseline is frequently mentioned by women as their top beauty tip. After completing all of your daily duties, follow up by washing and drying your hands with a mild soap.

Can we use hand cream on our faces?

No, hand cream formulations are often thicker and made to stay on the skin longer. This heavy lotion might clog your skin’s pores when applied to your face and cause in breakouts.

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