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Due to this Covid- 19, pandemic hand sanitisers are most popular now. Washing your hands frequently with hand wash is necessary but if you are work from home and having kids at home then sanitization is important and maintain hygiene for kids also important.
I know as a mother having all household work with professional work being difficult.  But if you don’t want to hand wash frequently then use hand sanitiser instead is a priority.

In there are loads of hand sanitiser available but I suggest some well-known brands because these are no harm if you are working from home mom or carrying your babies frequently.

1)Himalaya pure hand sanitiser:

Himalaya is a well-known now brand and their products are also effective Himalaya pure hand sanitiser alcohol-based and kill 99.9%  of germs and prevent infection.  It contains neem which anti-bacterial properties extract of herbs like coriander which have antibacterial properties and lime which is bactericidal. The procedures are natural and no side effects.
PriceRs 50 for 100 ml

2)Savlon liquid hand sanitiser:

Savlon liquid hand sanitiser comes with a white colour plastic bottle secured with a pump dispenser. It provides effective protection and kills bacteria 99 .9%. The consistency is liquid and you need to small quantity and massage it well on your hands.

Price:Rs 500 ml for 250ml

3)Lifebuoy antibacterial hand sanitiser:

It comes with 3 variants like a total of 10, lemon fresh and care. It claims to boost immunity for 10 hours. Kills germs instantly up to 99 .9%. The packaging is cute travel friendly.

4)  Dettol Instant hand sanitiser:

Dettol is a well-known brand when comes to hygiene maintain products. It is formulated to kill 99.9% of germs without water. Simply apply a few drops of sanitiser to your hand and rub them thoroughly. It is suitable for all skin types. The formulation is sticky. It claims to protect germs from your hands, cleanse and protect your skin and kill bacteria or virus.  It doesn’t dry your hands. These bottles are easy to carry travel-friendly packaging.

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