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Since the start of the pandemic, Zoom calls have become a daily routine for many people. With more and more people working remotely, virtual meetings have become the norm. As a result, people have started paying more attention to their appearance on these video calls. Whether you have an important meeting or just want to feel put together for a casual call, here are some essential beauty items to use on the daily for Zoom calls.

Zoom beauty essential:The Essential Beauty Items to Use on the Daily for Zoom Calls
  1. Good lighting

The first step to looking good on a Zoom call is good lighting. Natural light is always the best, so try to position yourself near a window. If that’s not possible, invest in a ring light or a desktop lamp that provides even lighting. This will help eliminate shadows and create a more flattering look.

  1. Moisturizer

Using a moisturizer is essential to keep your skin hydrated and healthy. Especially during the winter months, when the air is dry, using a moisturizer can help prevent your skin from looking dull and flaky. Look for a lightweight formula that won’t clog your pores or leave your skin feeling greasy.

  1. Concealer

If you have dark circles or blemishes, using a concealer can help hide them. Look for a formula that matches your skin tone and provides good coverage without looking cakey. Applying a little bit of concealer under your eyes and on any blemishes can help create a more polished look.

  1. Mascara

Mascara is a quick and easy way to make your eyes pop. Even if you’re not wearing any other makeup, adding a few coats of mascara can help define your lashes and make your eyes look brighter. Look for a waterproof formula to prevent smudging or flaking throughout the day.

  1. Lip balm

Chapped lips can be distracting on a Zoom call, so using a lip balm is essential. Look for a formula that’s hydrating and provides a hint of color. A tinted lip balm can help brighten up your face without looking too bold or dramatic.

  1. Blush

Using a little bit of blush can help give your face a healthy, natural-looking glow. Look for a formula that’s easy to blend and provides a subtle flush of color. Applying a little bit of blush to the apples of your cheeks can help create a more youthful and refreshed look.

  1. Eyebrow pencil or gel

Even if you’re not wearing any other makeup, defining your eyebrows can help frame your face and make you look more put together. Using an eyebrow pencil or gel can help fill in any sparse areas and create a more defined shape. Look for a formula that matches your natural brow color and provides good staying power.

In conclusion, looking good on a Zoom call doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. By using these essential beauty items on the daily, you can create a polished and professional look in just a few minutes. Remember, the key is to keep it simple and natural-looking, so you can focus on what really matters: the content of your call.

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