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Lush green hills, yellow meadows and lofty mountains with snow tops is all we can imagine as soon as we hear about Treks. Life is all good at the beach. How about a Beach Trek? As crazy it may sound it is one of the most fulfilling and exciting experiences. Gokarna Beach Trek is something you should never miss especially when you are exploring the coasts of Arabian Sea.

Gokarna Beach Trek- Perfect destination to spend your vacation

Gokarna is called the Land of palm trees, blue seas and golden sands. It is a small beach town located on the coast of the Arabian Sea. The little town is popular because of the tranquil and clean beaches. It is also a home to Mahabaleshwar Temple which is a must-visit Hindu Pilgrimage Site. One can enjoy the picturesque and panoramic beauty of Gokarna by trekking along the coastline. You will be pleased by the sheer beauty while exploring beaches one after another during the trek. 

Gokarna Beach Trek- Perfect destination to spend your vacation

Gokarna is a ‘one of a kind’ quaint village along the coast which is not crowded. It offers the best views and calm nature retreat. The trek distance is from 11-12 km. The trail that is followed in the trek includes beaches, rocky terrain and forests. The two days trek is thrilling, challenging and exciting.

The Gokarna Trek gives the feeling of fullness and spiritualism from the beginning till you make it to your end destination. Kudle Beach is the base camp of the Trek which is 520 km away from Bangalore. Preferably you can reach your base camp by midnight so you can begin trekking early morning. 

Paradise Beach

We start the Trek from Paradise Beach which is also called Full Moon Beach. It is a lost paradise heaven of hippies with no dependable sources of food. It is 150 meters in length. The high waves, engraved rocks & white sand is what makes it special. It is one of the most beautiful and calm beaches due to lack of human touch. 

Half Moon Beach

From Paradise beach, we hike to the Half Moon Beach. The transparent sparkly water is nothing less than any treat for the eyes. One can enjoy sunbathing, cool breeze, and splashing water with beautiful sightseeing experience. 

The Shiva Climb

On our trail of trek, there are some boulders one has to climb which takes us to the rock called Shiva Climb. 

There is a cliff at a shore as we proceed which is called Hell Cliff.

Rock of Peace

This is the perfect spot on the way to experience beautiful sunsets, high splashes of waves and dolphins. The beautiful sky changing colours and panoramic beauty makes our jaw drop with such a dreamy view.

OM Beach

It stretches to 2-3 kms. You can enjoy the dense greenery and wild plants on both sides of the walking trail. It makes it more interesting as you can enjoy the forest feeling on a beach trek.

Gokarna Beach

Final Destination. You can see the sky changing it’s hues from yellow to orange to pink to purple to dark blue. It’s the best part of the trekking as you get to enjoy the scenic views. Bonfires, Music and Dance is just like a cherry on the top end of this beautiful trek experience. Apart from covering the beaches, Mahabaleshwar Temple and Vibhooti Temple can be paid a visit for which Gokarna is mostly famous for.

One can never go wrong with the beach staycation but the dynamic combination of Trekking at Beach is an experience you cannot miss. It has much to offer. Tranquillity, adventure, spectacular beauty and time away from mundane life. 

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