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Happy international womens day to all women.March 8 is known as International women day to celebrate women’s achievement and raise voice on women’s right.
The world is incomplete without women.A women play different role like daughter, sister, mother, wife.A women can do all the things but our society always ignore wo.ens power and capabilities.

Today we reach 20s i.e 2021 still our society does not change their perspective towards women.

But today’s generation should learn about one women who inspires me a lot through their lifestyle and their selfless work.She is Mother Teresa.

Mother Teresa

All of you heard the name of mother Teresa whose life dedicated to charity and humanitarian work.She spent 30 years of her life helping others.She said
” If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”
She won the Nobel prize for her selfless work and she is one of the inspirational women.

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Celebrating international women's day :The women who inspired all women in the world

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