Waxing:Know more about Katori Wax

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Hello Everyone, Today I will be sharing about katoriwax in this post. I think all of you heard the name of Katori wax already and already some of you using this. And who does not use this maybe they questioning in their mind what is katoriwax and how to use the proper way, is katoriwax safe for your face like this. all questions answer and all of your doubt clear in this post. I am sure this post is very helpful for all of you. Let’s get into the post.

What is katori wax?

Katori wax is used for facial hair removal. this wax comes in a Katori or metal bowl that’s why the name of this wax is Katori wax.

how to use katori wax?:

You can use Katori wax at home easily and doing waxing by yourself. First heat the wax and when the wax is meltdown you take it and keep it for some seconds and then apply the desired area and wait until the wax is fully dry and remove the reversed direction.

Waxing your facial hair is better as it removes hair from the root level.

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