Vitamin E for your skin and hair:Bebefits and How to use

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Vitamin E is magic ingredients in your beauty routine.It has so many benefits for skin and hair.

Benefits of Vitamin E for skin:

1)Vitamin E as a moisturising agent:
It moistrises the skin and repairs dry.Mix a couple of vitamin E capsule for your moisturising lotion then apply it at night time.
2)Vitamin E treats sunburn:
Vitamin E repairs and soothes sunburnt area.Take a couple of vitamin e capsule and massage it affected area.

3)Vitamin E lighten dark spots: Mix the contents of a vitamin E capsule into a spoon of moisturizer or olive oil, and apply it on the dark areas and spots once a day. Continue the treatment for a while, and you will see the dark lines and spots lighten noticeably.
4Vitamin E Reverses Signs of Premature Aging of the Skin:
Vitamin E enhances the basic production of protein collagen tasked with maintaining the elasticity of the skin, resulting in reduction in the skin’s fine lines and wrinkles which are the first signs of the skin’s aging.
5)Vitamin E: Helps in fading of Stretch Marks
Stretch marks are white stripe marks that appear due to overstretching of skin, making the skin lose its elasticity and suppleness.  It is a fairly common side effect of pregnancy and major weight gain. Regular application and gentle massaging of vitamin E oil on the stretch marks restores elasticity and lightens visible stretch marks.

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