15 simple lifestyle changes that can help you save money in 2021

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If your budget tight and finding it difficult to save money then don’t worry, this article for you. By changing your lifestyle you can save tons of money and saving wisely and become financial freedom. In this article, I will share 15 simple lifestyle changes that can help you save money.

Your lifestyle plays an important role in your finance and how much money you are saving. It is very important to constantly check in your finance like how much you earn, spend, and how much you are saving.

It is also important to know where and when you are spending your money.
Constantly checking in your finance to help you change your spending pattern like avoid unnecessary purchases.

You all know saving money is most important today time. I already discussed why saving money is important for this pandemic. Let’s discuss lifestyle changes that can help you save money.

You can save money by changing your lifestyle.Developing your daily habits to cut your expenses and unnecessary things.

1)stop buying an item just because they are on sale:

This mistake we all are doing. Even I am also buying item which not necessary for me but buying because they are on sale. It is a bad habit.

Stop buying items even if you don’t need it don’t waste your money on sale because sales or deals are gone and come. So spending wisely what you need and avoid wasting money to buying items even you don’t need.

15 simple Lifestyle changes that can help you save money in 2021

2)Practice a minimalistic life:

Being minimalist is now on-trend. But in my opinion, being a minimalist is a key to being happy and cut down your spending and saves your space and money also. So think accordingly and discard unused and waste item from your home and keep free space and keep items which you might need in future. Always keep items in an organized way so that you feel comfortable and stress-free.

3)Don’t use credit cards:

In today’s time, credit cards are such a headache. If you don’t have cash then don’t buy it using credit cards because credit cards are the main reason for debt.And buying through your credit card is habitat over time and you break your habitats now.

If you don’t have money then don’t buy it. First, save the money which you want to buy then spend your money accordingly. And use the credit card during emergencies only.

15 simple Lifestyle changes that can help you save money in 2021

4)Save and invest before spending:

We all have the expenditure of our need but before spending, we must practice saving a good amount of money so that this money can be used in future. So think wisely save or invest some money before spending.

5)Make your grocery list:

Always make your grocery item lists before going to super market. It will save you money also avoid buying unnecessary products which you don’t need. If you are low expenditure then don’t buy products you don’t need.

15 simple Lifestyle changes that can help you save money in 2021

6)Make emergency fund:

You never know what and when emergencies happen in your life. So you feel safe or secure make emergency savings when you need you can use it.If you want you can start a side hustle to earn extra cash to saving for emergency.

7)Follow the 50:30:20 rule:

Divide your earnings according to the 50:30:20 rule. It is the best budgeting technique to divide your earnings into three categories.

The 1st category is the essential items that you cannot live without like grocery items and utilities.  The 2 and category are your savings and the third category is your expenses like shopping, entertainment and other items. 

And always set aside certain amount of money from your income into savings.

8)Reduce take out food deliveries:

Stop ordering your food outside in frequently.Try cook at home so that you can save on your expenses. Ordering food in occasionally it’s ok but ordering frequently is not necessary. It’s much cheaper to cook yourself a meal than to order in or go out to eat. It Is the best habit for the developer.

9)Cancel some of your subscriptions if you are not using that:

Adding all the subscription is a bad option and if you don’t know when your money is deducted for this subscription. So you only give money that subscription to who’s you are using and cut other subscription option.

10)Reduce buying branded products:

If you are brand conscious always spent your money on branded products like clothes and other items. Then don’t buy all branded products and search for a cheaper option which product is affordable and worth buying.

11)Stop buying fast food:

If you are eating fast food regularly then you are a waste of your money and also waste your health. Fast foods are an unhealthy option for all. So don’t eat fast food and cut these habits from your daily life and stay healthy and develope a healthy habits.

15 simple Lifestyle changes that can help you save money in 2021

12)Use coupons:

Coupons are the best way to saving money consistently. You can use coupon when shopping online to save extra cash. And using also buying grocery items. Also, shopping for items where you can get a cashback offer is one of the best options for your savings.

13)Set up an automatic transfer to savings:

If you are not saving your money then you can set up an automatic transfer to savings. That means money deducted from your monthly income to saving accounts automatically. So that you can spend accordingly. I think this is the best way if you are not good at savings your finances.

14)Track your spending:

Always track your spending monthly like when and where you’re spending your money. These habits always save your money and cut down your unnecessary spending.

15)Invest in tools or equipment that you find necessary:

Tools or equipment means manicure and pedicure kit, Spa requirement, coffee machine etc. We often spending lots of money in the saloon to do manicure, pedicure and spa etc. But we can recreate this service at home with a low budget to buying those tools and saving lots of money for going to the saloon.

I hope these lifestyles are you follow to saving your money for your bad time. Hope this article is helpful to all of you.

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6 thoughts on “15 simple lifestyle changes that can help you save money in 2021”

  1. Your detailed post really will help us to save money. Every point is important and I find a few that I can follow which I never realised I was doing – like subscriptions to things I don’t use!

  2. Love this article and agree on most of it. Got some good points there that I also find myself doing but realise shouldn’t be. What I don’t agree on is the use of credit card though. We actually are able to save money by using it. We usually use it to buy our grocery (which we really have a budget for) and able to gain rebates. We then can use less of our budget on our next round of grocery shopping thanks to the rebates! If everything goes well, we also get a nice free container for using the card. Such a win-win! At times, it’s not what we use, but how we use it that we can save money😉

  3. These are great tips for saving! I agree with you especially on reducing buying branded stuff. When the pandemic hit, we can’t even go out to use these branded stuff.

  4. All the points you put down are so relevant and important but ignored. With these small changes, we can save for the rainy day. Definitely worth a try. thanks for sharing.


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