The ultimate 14 day Covid-19 quarantine packing list

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Many peoples are started to travel again but in India, the situation is out of control since covid19 second wave started. While other countries are finished their vaccine and who wanted travel outside the country or travel in India there must you quarantine yourself for 14 days. In this article, you will find out14 days quarantine packing list if you are travelling.

Quarantine packing list:

If you wonder or confused about what to pack for quarantine if you have travelled to another country or another state in India then you read this post till the end. It will be very helpful for all of you.

The ultimate 14 day Covid-19 quarantine packing list


Face masks are the best way to protect yourself from virus infection. Choosing your mask wisely and if possible wear a double mask for protection.

2) Hand Sanitizer:

Sanitiser is a must in today’s time. If you are touched anywhere then instantly sanitize your hands. And always sanitize your mobile and keys which we always ignore. This is the best option if you don’t have soap or hand wash and water.


Wearing hand gloves is a must when you are travelling although if you are washing your hands frequently but gloves is a must.

4)Disinfecting wipes or disinfecting spray:

If you are staying in a hotel or any place you clean with disinfecting wipes or use disinfecting spray.

5)Hand wash:

You should keep hand wash in your bag if possible also keep travel-size hand wash.


All hotels are don’t provide toiletries or if they are providing toiletries then you should keep your toiletries for yourself in this situation. Your items like face wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, cream, deodorant, female hygiene all personal care products.

7)Water bottles:

Make sure you keep your water bottles for hygiene purpose and don’t share a water bottle with another person.

8)Proof of CoVid-19 negative test report:

This is most essential nowadays. You should keep the report ready and make sure to make the report within 3 days.

9)Fever reducing medicine:

If you are not contacted by any covid positive person but it might happen according to weather change while travelling. So keep your self medicine ready.And make sure a thermometer is a must.

10)Credit card:

Nowadays using cash is dangerous because we need toucess option so credit card and debit card is made saviour.

11)Comfy clothes:

You should need to isolate yourself for 14 days so you must carry your clothes which you feel very comfortable with.

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