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Are you looking for productive things to do while bored at home? Have you been wasting time doing nothing? Then read this article to know about  12 productive things to do at home when you bored.

All of you know the current situation and this pandemic gives us life lessons. But we all are blessed we all safe at home. But sitting at home all day and nothing to do that can impact your mental health. So always do productive things when you are bored at home.

There are so many options are to do and make it productive you can learn a new skill or do side hustle online. Here is the list of all productive things to do in your home quarantine.

20 productive things to do at home

Having extra time in your hand during this quarantine don’t depressed or bored. Utilize your time and think about this time to a new opportunity.However, there are so many more productive things to do with your time.

You have the opportunity when ‘bored at home’ to challenge & push yourself, do something new and overall be a better version of yourself.

1)Clean and organize your home:

This is the best productive thing. You should clean your home which areas are almost ignored or untouched you clean those areas and organized them. Organizing your kitchen cupboard will save you time in the future and help you stay organized.You can schedule a day for each task so that it is not exhausting.

productive things to do when you are bored at home

2)Declutter your wardrobe and makeup:

You can declutter your wardrobe and makeup and discard your expiry products and organize them a new way. So that you did not bore at home.

productive things to do when you are bored at home

3)Learn a new skill:

This is the perfect time to expand your knowledge and creativity. Take advantage of this free time to learn something new. Knowledge is never wasted but always a bonus. There are so many free or paid courses are available on many platforms like udemy, EDX, teachable, skillshare and google. Digital marketing, photo editing, web designing etc. courses are available. you can choose according to your interest. You might learn something that will boost your résumé or pick up a hobby you’ve always wanted to try. 

productive things to do when you are bored at home

4)Try out different make-up looks:

If you are a makeup lover, then it is the best time try to different kind of makeup looks and learning from YouTube.

5)Read a book:

If you are love reading then you read. There are so many ebooks available you can read those as well according to your interest. There are so many life-changing and inspirational books that you are yet to read to build yourself mentally, physically and emotionally.


Cooking is the best option if you are bored at home. Trying out the different recipe and eating with family it is always the best thing. Bake a cake. There are so many YouTube videos out there where you can get simple recipes for cakes. You can also check Pinterest to get really cute cake inspirations. I learn so many cake recipe during this lockdown.

productive things to do when you are bored at home

7)Find an opportunity to work from home:

During this lockdown, maximum jobs are work from home. If you are wanted to do work from home jobs then you can start a side hustle(work from home job option)according to your interest and skill.


Exercise is good for the body and the soul and it’s great to do on a boring day inside. Just because you are at home does not mean you can’t exercise. If you are not going to the gym but you should work out at home also. It did not require any stuff or equipments. If you don’t have any clue of what exercises you can do at home then you can check Youtube for ideas. 

productive things to do when you are bored at home

9)Create new goals and action plan:

You should need to evaluate your life. What is working for you, what is your dreams and what should do in your life?  Create new goals and take action.

10)Organize your phone and computer files:

There is some unnecessary clutter on your computer or phone. Declutter your phone. Go through your phone and delete unwanted pictures, contacts, and music to free up space.Go through your emails. Delete old emails from your phone and reply to the unanswered ones.

If you are bored at home then organized your computer files. Whether your documents are in paper form on your laptop, organize them all into folders.Make sure you know where everything is stored, so you can save time when you need it next.

11)Create a new routine:

If you have kids at home then you should create a routine so that you can divide your time like self-care, meal plan and also spending time with your kids. Structure each day and you’ll be able to manage your time better!

12)Pamper yourself:

Always neglecting yourself is not a good habit. Pamper yourself doing skincare routine daily, Doing pedicure and manicure once in 2 weeks and do hair spa to get silky and shiny hair.

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