How to use Expiry cosmetic products

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We love using makeup product and when branded makeup product expires it is the sadest thing but in this post i will tell you how to use expiry cosmetic products.


If your toners are expires then you dont through.You can use as cleanser like cleaning mirror ,tiles and lather things like bag,belt and shoes.


Expiry perfume can cause skin irritation or skin infection.But you dont need to through away your favourite perfume.You can use those perfumes room fresheners or bathroom freshener.


If your eyeshadow palate expired, then you can reuse many ways.You can use as a nail polish adding pigment with clearnail polish.


We love using lipbalm to stay hydrated our lips.But Expired lipbalm we don’t use often thouw out.In that case you can use lipbalm as your cuticle cream or use it your elbow or knee area which always dry area for nourishing purpose.


We often throw out when our lipstick is expired but you can use this lipstick as your tinted lipbalm.Melt you lipstick with some vaseline and after that cool down this mixture and it turns aut anazing tinted lipbalm.Aftermelting down lipstick it kills bacteria.So don’t worry using these tricks.

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23 thoughts on “How to use Expiry cosmetic products”

  1. I have few expired lipsticks, shall take your advice and turn them into lipbalm as winters will be fast approaching. How to melt the lipstick with vaseline, can you share the process as I do not want to overburn the lipstick.

  2. Omg this post is a blessing! Fantastic ideas . I’ll share it with my friends and for now, time to make some lip balm haha


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