No More Razors, No More Waxing: My Journey of Laser Hair Removal in Ahmedabad

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I spoke to 25 year old Garima about her first session in her laser hair removal journey to see how she got on and what the results have been like so far…

Laser hair removal has always been a treatment that has piqued my interest. The thought of not having to shave or wax on those days when you just can’t be bothered, or when you shaved the day before a major function and are already seeing a small bit of regrowth! Ugh! So, I met with Garima, a 25-year-old Ahmedabad resident who has recently begun her laser hair removal experience. She went over the how, why, and when of laser hair removal!

Hi Garima! Exciting news about your recent laser hair removal treatment in Ahmedabad. What made you decide to get this hair removal treatment?

When you are having an Indian background, I am one of the many that have been blessed with dark, coarse hair resulting in visits to my eyebrow lady on a regular and wallowing in self-pity when I get that nasty re-growing & ingrown hairs are an issue because they become very visible, very quickly. As a result, I had to shave frequently, but the problem with this is that it causes discomfort, i.e. skin irritations and ingrowing hairs – plus the time you actually have to spend shaving. The other option or solution was to hide my legs ankle grazer jeans, cropped trousers or even long trousers with my kurta seven on a hot, sunny summer’s day and this is when I knew I needed help

I tried waxing, but it’s not only pricey, but it’s also uncomfortable, and the results aren’t great. When compared to shaving, it takes a little longer for hairs to regrow, but you also get a lot of ingrown hairs, which indicates angry, red lumps (so much for smooth skin) and it doesn’t seem to slow down re-growth at all. Then there’s the hairy in-between period, during which the hair must grow long enough to be waxed once more. Not worth it! As a result, laser hair removal looked to be the only option for me to solve my condition.

(I tried waxing too & comparatively doing it for years the cost sums up so much more than laser hair removal, also the hair growth remains the same. As compared to laser hair removal once you start doing it you will see the difference itself from the 1st session in the hair reduction, the hair growth cycle also gets very slow. It takes around 7-10 sittings for permanent hair reduction. And you will see hair reduction up to 90%. You may require a maintenance session if you have any hormonal imbalance in future.)

Years ago, my sister got laser hair removal treatment, and the results were fantastic. That’s where I got even more confidence to get it done. It’s an expensive treatment, but knowing that once it’s over, I won’t have to shave again was enough to get me to start saving for my laser treatment. I took advantage of a discount by purchasing a package of six treatments at once. Some people pamper themselves with manicures on a daily basis; others would spend Rs. 10000 on a hairdresser or even a night out. Permanent hair removal is not only a treat for me, but also a sound investment. I’ll save a lot of time by not needing to shave anymore.

Seems a great investment! Which areas did you treat? And how many treatments will you need?

I decided to get my legs, lower arm, underarms, and bikini line treated. I have thick, dark hair and pale skin, which apparently qualifies me for the treatment, so I figured I’d cover the parts where I had to shave on a daily basis. I had a thorough consultation beforehand and my practitioner at Sakhiya Skin Clinic told me that I’d probably need about (7-10 sessions)6 sessions – 1 every 4 weeks or so – (Skin tone, body part, hair growth) based on my skin type, although this differs from person to person. This is because hair grows in stages, and you only need to zap them when they’re actively growing. I had the option of booking individual appointments or purchasing a reduced course of programs. I took all six of the (ten-session package) because it was the cheapest option and it was the bare minimum I needed to attain the outcomes I desired.

I could tell a difference after just one treatment, which was incredible. Hairs did re-grow, but many of them continued to fall out, so actual re-growth became less and less after each treatment.

What did the treatment feel like? Does laser hair removal gives pain?

It does pain, don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t horrible, and it truly depends on the person who is doing the treatment and the machine. I’ve never gotten a tattoo, but I’ve talked to a few individuals who say laser hair removal feels like having one. However, once you’ve completed the treatment, the pain will be gone. And the advantages far exceed the drawbacks.

The bikini line, which is a sensitive area, was the most painful part, followed by the axilla (armpits). The upper leg, then, but the lower leg and arms weren’t too painful. I had a bit of bruising and my skin was a bit( red for a few days but following proper post care by not keeping my skin dry proper application of creams my skin was normal in 3-4 days ) sensitive for a few days, but then I do have quite sensitive skin, so it wasn’t too much of a surprise for me.

So, at this stage in your laser hair removal journey, would you recommend this hair removal treatment to your friends?

One hundred percent! I can only recommend it if you’re thinking about getting it done. It’s the best thing I’ve ever invested. Knowing that I wouldn’t have to shave or trim my hair again once the therapy was completed seemed life-changing. It may sound dramatic, but it really did. No more angry razors, no more wasting time shaving, (no more burns &cuts, no more every month salon visits), especially when on holiday. There are no more ingrown hairs, or hiding your legs in long pants on a hot summer day. It’s a true game-changer. One thing you have to make sure of is to get laser hair removal done, then only choose a machine that is USFDA approved. Mine was a Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal machine at Sakhiya Skin Clinic, Ahmedabad branch.

(I would definitely recommend it as the hair removal experience has been the best & the investment is totally worth it. No more shaving razor cuts, every month salons visits, No more burns, No more wasting time & screaming. More time saving & party ready for all the occasions. Now I don’t need to step out every month for my laser hair removal sessions. The results have been so far so good. My hair growth has reduced to 90%. )

Sounds wonderful to me! Really pleased to hear you’ve had such a positive experience, Garima. Thanks for sharing your real story.

And finally which skin clinic will you refer for Laser Hair Removal in Ahmedabad?

If you want to undergo Laser Hair Removal treatment in Ahmedabad, then You should definitely go to Sakhiya Skin Clinic.

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